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We protect your rights under the contract, advocate on your behalf, assist you in resolving conflicts, answer your questions, and give you support.


Bargaining for a new contract started in January 2024; see dates below for next Bargaining Sessions

Bargaining Briefs 2024

Bargaining Session Archive

HEA Bargaining Team for 2024 (restricted access)

Upcoming Bargaining Dates (9am – 5pm)

Wednesday 04/17
Wednesday 05/08
Wednesday 05/17
Wednesday 05/29
Tuesday 06/11

2021 school year Bargaining

Return to On-Site Instruction Under the COVID-19 Pandemic
Memorandum of Understanding

Bargaining Brief Library

Memorandum of Agreement:
Work Share Agreement – COVID 19

Contract Action Team (CAT) Details

Contract Action Team (CAT) Interest Form

HEA Bargaining Team for 2021-2024 contract:

Jill Golay, HEA President

Lisa Tanedo, Chair, Evergreen Middle School

Robert Justiano, Free Orchards ES

Olsen Miller, Witch Hazel ES

David Juster, Hillsboro High School

Abby Jones, Witch Hazel Elementary

Christine Estep, Ladd Acres Elementary School

Sarah Moskoff, OEA Staff

Elizabeth Nahl, McKinney Elementary