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02/17/21   For Hybrid/In-Person Instruction (HIPI) Negotiations

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02/05/2018 Bargaining Brief

Archive:  below are details regarding the process for negotiating our 2015-2018 contract.

Bargaining Brief, December 2015

Summary of Payroll Information
· Prior to this ratification all eligible returning licensed staff members were rolled up one step on the pre-ratification salary schedule, and new licensed staff members were also placed on the same.
· The 2015-16 salary schedule will be increased by 2.5% and the benefits contribution is increased by $25.00 per month, making the new monthly benefit $1100.00 for full time employees
· The increased salary will be implemented on your December 18th paychecks for all regular positions (this does not include stipends, extended contract, etc.)
· The retroactive salary amount owed from the beginning of your contract through the November payroll will also be included on your December paycheck, indicated as a separate line item with the word “retro” in the title
· All extra duty retroactive pay will take place on the February paychecks
· The new insurance rate and retroactive amount will be applied to the January paychecks as indicated in the deduction area of the pay stubs
· From February forward, the benefit deductions will be the new amount for the remainder of the year unless the employee changes benefit elections
· Your 2015-16 contracts will be posted in the iPortal no later than Thursday, December 17th (you will receive an email with instructions on how to retrieve them once they have been posted)

See licensed staff email dated 12/14 from Kelsey Culligan for further details.
Applicable Documents:
Item #1:  Ratification Summary
Item #2:  2015-18 Salary Schedule

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