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Professional Conference/Course Pre-Approval for Reimbursement


  • Staff who are on column VI (last column on salary schedule) can request pre-approval for up to $600 (taken out of tuition reimbursement allotment) for PD per contract year (19/20 SY = Summer 2019 to Spring 2020)
  • Pre-approval is required for each professional conference/course, per the licensed contract
  • Professional conference/course needs to fall outside college graduate level courses offered for credit and should be relevant to area of practice as approved by the District
  • HSD reimburses at the PSU Graduate rate for registration only (no fees, books, or associated travel costs) or actual tuition of the course; whichever is less
  • All Spanish coursework (tuition only-no fees), graduate or undergraduate, will be reimbursed according to your tuition reimbursement availability for the school year

– For additional reimbursement information, refer to the Licensed Agreement (located in Document Center, Article 10, Letter E)