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New HEA Office Address Change

Subject: HEA Office Address Change

(additional information provided by the city of Hillsboro at this link)

The physical office # on the outside of our building is being changed as I type this. Previously, it showed 20450. Now it will show 8900.

We may want to start giving out both office numbers/street names to people trying to find the office, lest they be looking for 20450 Amberwood. The city street signs have both the old/new streets on them (the new have an “H” in the corner to designate the Hillsboro address) and the old signs will still be up til fall/winter of 2020.

USPS has the new address on file; although they are supposed to honor either address, we had a piece of mail returned to a district that had the “old” address.

Google Maps and Mapquest still do not recognize the address (it switches to NW Walker Rd in NW Beaverton, miles away) and UPS/Fedex do not yet use the new address to our knowledge, although we’ll make a point of asking the delivery personnel as we see them if they know when the transition will happen for those addresses.

Best advice I have for now when giving directions—give our old address for gps purposes but tell whoever it is that the building number will say 8900 and the signs out here list both the old “NW Amberwood” and the new “NE Walker” street names currently. We’re checking Google Maps and Mapquest regularly and will let you know when they have “found” the new address.

The new office address is: 8900 NE Walker Rd #125, Hillsboro OR 97006 (fyi, the cross street is now John Oleson rather than 206th).

Ms. Mel Harmon
Oregon Education Association
Assistant, WashCo and NORC UniServs
503-645-6776 Ext 2505