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HEA/OEA/NEA – Opportunities for Leadership

Interested in learning more about our state and national organization? Consider running as a candidate for the state or national assembly.

In February, we will vote for union positions at the local, and state level as well as select one of our members to represent us this summer at NEA/RA.

Candidate nominations for all positions are open until February 19th. Voting will take place in your building in the last week of February.

If interested, please notify your HEA Building Representative, or contact me at

Voting for all positions will take place the end of February in your respective building.

  • HEA Election for Officers
    • If you are interested in running for the office of President, Vice President, Treasurer or Secretary please email me at If you’d like to learn more about each position, consider attending our next HEA representative assembly meeting this Wednesday, January 22nd. The meeting starts at 4:15 with most reps arriving at 4 for dinner. We’d love for you to join us for both. You may also contact me, I’d be happy to answer your questions.

      Building Representatives – All building representatives are up for re-election/election as well. Typically, High Schools have three rep positions, middle and the admin office have two and elementary, HOA and Miller each have one building representative. Let your current building rep know of your interest in becoming a rep or want to learn more about what a rep does for members or you can contact HEA at
  • OEA Representative Assembly – April 17-18 at Jantzen Beach, Portland, OR
    • OEA holds an annual representative assembly at which approximately 700 delegates representing every local in the state come together to give direction for next year’s OEA policy, leadership, and budget. We are seeking additional delegate candidates for our 29 allotted positions. If you are interested please let your building rep know and email Jill Golay at I’ll get your name on your building’s ballot? You can also be placed on the ballot as a write-in. You will have to let your building know of your interest to be a delegate and ask them to also write your name on the ballot and vote for you.
  • NEA Representative Assembly – July 2-July 7 Atlanta, Georgia
    • Please watch your mail for ballots from OEA and consider voting for our HEA candidates (JoAnn Conroy and Angela Adzima) to the NEA RA! Ballots should arrive in your mailbox on or about February 20th. This year HEA has two of our members that are running for a Region 1 delegate position at the state level. If elected, they will represent Oregon at the National Conference over the next three years.