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Bargaining Update

The District and HEA teams met on Wed, Oct 28 to continue negotiating the successor agreement to the current contract. We had expected to reach tentative agreement at this meeting but found disagreement on the issue of counselors covering as subs when no sub is available.

The District is willing to drop its proposal to increase secondary student contact time from 288 to 300 minutes in exchange for an MOU from HEA describing that it will consider a multi-year or multi-building contract waiver if/when a specific proposal for schedule change is presented. That waiver would follow the same protocol as required by current HEA contract waiver guidelines, except would allow for up to 3 years, and multiple buildings, for this purpose only.

The teams plan to attempt to resolve these differences without a next formal meeting to expedite the process toward a Tentative Agreement.

We will keep you updated. Thank you.

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