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American Fidelity Virtual Benefits Enrollment Information

Information from the Hillsboro School District benefits office and AFS. This information can also be found on the district web site.

Section 125 Enrollment
Section 125 plans allow employees to pay for certain expenses related to medical, dental, vision, and daycare on a tax-exempt basis. Any time an employee takes advantage of Section 125, this will help to reduce taxable income and increase spendable income to the employee. 

The open enrollment period for Section 125 plans is May 4 through June 5, 2020. If you are interested in learning more or signing up for this benefit, you can make an appointment for a virtual meeting with an American Fidelity representative. 

Schedule your appointment at this website by finding your assigned representative and selecting a meeting time. Your representative will then e-mail you instructions on how to login to the enrollment site prior to your appointment time.  

RepresentativeSchools/locations covered
DannyFree Orchards, Glencoe, Imlay, Indian Hills, Jackson, Poynter, Ladd Acres, Lenox
FaithGroner, Hilhi, McKinney, W.L. Henry
JonMinter Bridge, Mooberry, North Plains, Quatama, R.A. Brown, Reedville, Rosedale
MiguelLiberty, Lincoln Street, MEC, Orenco, Patterson, South Meadows, Tobias, West Union, Witch Hazel
NicoleBrookwood, Butternut Creek, Century, Eastwood, Evergreen, Farmington View, Hillsboro Online Academy, Transportation/Facilities, District Office

Questions? Contact Lynette Coffman in Benefits, or Laura Sandstrom, American Fidelity Enrollment Coordinator, 877-293-1090. 

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