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Bargaining Brief Library

Negotiations Continue

We ended the 2017-18 school year without an agreement, leaving us without a new contract as of July 1st. We are in status quo – but what does that mean for members?

 Our previous contract is still in force
 Employees due a step for the 2018-19 school year will be granted one
 Any increase to the salary schedule negotiated in the new agreement will be retroactive

Your HEA team is ready to go back to the table. We hope an agreement can be reached before long, but are also determined to stand strong for members, regardless of the time it takes. The teams have set aside the following dates for joint negotiations, knowing all sessions may or may not be needed.

We appreciate the support of our members – particularly our CAT team. All our efforts are meaningless without the backing of our membership. So thank you!!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact:

HEA President Jill Golay (

OEA Consultant Sarah Moskoff ( or

Bargaining Chair Lisa Tanedo (

Bargaining Briefs 2018

Full contract for 2015-2018

Memorandum of Understanding

Current HEA Bargaining Team:

Jill Golay, Co-Chair, and HEA President

Lisa Tanedo, Co-Chair, Evergreen Middle School

Christine Estep, Ladd Acres Elementary School

Matt Leslie, Brown Middle School

Sarah Moskoff, OEA Staff

Elizabeth Nahl, Butternut Creek

Joseph Vermeire, Miller Education