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Building Rep Binder


**Member Emergencies—goes in front pocket
**Table of Contents
**Leadership (front of 1st plastic protector)
**People Who Can Help (back of 1st plastic protector)
**HEA Calendar (front of 2nd plastic protector)
**HSD Calendar (back of 2nd plastic protector)

(Tab 1) Getting Started

1. What Does a HEA Building Rep Do?
2. Beginning of the Year Checklist (on back: 25 Best Practices to Make You a Better Building Rep)
3. An Injury To One Is an Injury to All (on back: Association Code of Conduct)
4. Don’t Judge—Defend! (on back: General Duty of Fair Representation)
5. Use of Email & School Computers

(Tab 2) HEA Meetings

1. How to Accomplish What You Want in Meetings
2. Expense Voucher
3. Roberts Rules Cheat Sheet (Parliamentary Procedure)

(Tab 3) 10 Minute Meetings
(Tab 4) Rep/Principal Meetings

1. Tips For a Building Rep Meeting With The Administrator (your monthly Principal Meeting)
2. Top 10 Tips for Representing a Member in a Meeting
3. Member/Administrator Meeting Form

(Tab 5) Contract / HEA Documents

1. Contract
2. Important Dates in Your HEA Contract
3. Bylaws
4. Budget

(Tab 6) Membership

1. Freedom Foundation Flyer (OEA’s Who Do you Trust?)
2. NEA Member Benefits
3. How Dues are Spent (on back: HEA Dues Chart)
4. Member Benefits (OEA and NEA)

(Tab 7) Representation
(Tab 8) Grievance Resources

1. What Is A Grievance?
2. What Does Just Cause Mean?
3. Interviewing the Grievant
4. Additional Information
5. Grievance Checklist
6. Incident Record

(Tab 9) Political

1. Legal Do’s and Don’ts of Political Activity and Speech (on back: Political Do’s and Don’ts)
2. OEA PAC Form

(Tab 10) Rep Resources

1. Planning the Ten Minute Meeting (on back: Ten Minute Building Meeting Example)
2. What Has Your Local Association Accomplished For You?
3. Weingarten Rights
4. Spectrum of Discipline
5. Insubordination
6. Legal Services
7. NEA Educators Employment Liability Program Q & A

(Tab 11) Flyers
(Tab 12) Miscellaneous