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Series: A Closer Look


October 2016
Student Discipline and Safety – Article 17 page 40-42
It’s important to know your contractual rights, and always work with your building rep and your principal to ensure the following is in place. The following is contractual:
 Disruptive student behavior will not be allowed to hinder the progress of the class. When a student’s behavior interferes with the classroom instruction or threatens the health, safety or welfare of the employee, other employees, or other students, the employee shall be authorized to send the student or students to the school’s designated location.
 The District will ensure that all buildings have a discipline plan in place by September 15.  The site-based plan will include the designation of a location for students to be sent who are compromising the safety of staff or other students, possible responses to student behaviors, structures of communication between teachers and administrators regarding student behaviors
 The District and the Association agree to work together to promote safe working conditions. The District will provide a safe and healthful working environment for all employees by complying with state and federal laws and regulations.