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Contract 2018-2021 FINAL

Memorandum of Understanding – Fall School year 2020-2021 (coming soon)

Memorandum of Understanding – Spring 2020

How Your Dues Are Spent – A Reference For OEA Members

Budget Overview and OEA Dues Structure Information

Contract Summary for Ratification

Salary Schedule Drafts for 2018-2021

Bargaining Information and Update

Bargaining Brief Library

2015-18 Licensed Contract

HEA Bargaining Team:

Jill Golay, Co-Chair, and HEA President

Lisa Tanedo, Co-Chair, Evergreen Middle School

David Juster, Hillsboro High School

Cinthia Adair, Poynter Middle School

Abby Jones, Witch Hazel Elementary

Cindy Homna, Eastwood Elementary

Christine Estep, Ladd Acres Elementary School

Sarah Moskoff, OEA Staff

Elizabeth Nahl, Butternut Creek

Joseph Vermeire, Miller Education